About BurstCloud

Our Mission

At BurstCloud we set out to create a safe place for consumers to store all of their files and not have to worry about losing them. We do not like the business practices we see in the market today. Thus, we are bringing a better product for Data Storage and Processing.

Our Goals

For as long as we can remember and even today, data storage and transfer has been a hassle! Mired by addon products, limits, gimmicks and restrictions. Our primary goal, is to provide simple, fast, reliable, data storage and transfer from any device to any device.

How It Works

BurstCloud is a Cloud Hosting Service built from bare metal up with the user and the usage in mind. The code is engineered piece by piece to provide our goals and mission to your computing experience. It is said that BurstCloud just works.

Family is important

BurstCloud is Family

Something you may find interesting about our BurstCloud team, is that we're a family of I.T. professionals, artists, service professionals. We all share one thing in common: The need for simple, safe, consistent, storage on any device!

Cloud means people

It takes real people to develop a cloud like ours. Our passionate software developers, cure the problem of running out of storage for your files or worse losing data forever. Our real life development team is here at BurstCloud solving problems and tracking down solutions to make our cloud the best secure cloud hosting service available.

Welcome to Burstcloud

As a premium member of BurstCloud, you're considered Family. This means we will be here every step of the way to assist with all of your needs. We genuinely care for our customers and appreciate you for choosing us to host your data.

Years in the Making

Building BurstCloud

We built this company from scratch doing research on the market to better our customer experience. We have a devotion to hard work and excellent customer service. Taking your storage needs to the next level is our sole intention. Let our confidence show within our product and notice our pride in all of our work. We love making time for customers. Go ahead and put our service team at your disposal, today!

Lets get a little technical. BurstCloud is built on the latest web technologies and standards. Comprising of state of the art components to build a file system that scales. This filesystem seamlessly stretches across vast amounts of hardware to create an elastic cloud. BurstCloud is unique in the fact that it also provides compute and CDN services by design. It is furthered by the fact that BurstCloud is a fully fault tolerant file system built from the ground up on modern web technologies.

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