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Our experts agree that cloud hosting is the way of the future and the way forward for our technology needs. That being said, it may be difficult to gain a real understanding on how the Cloud works and helps you and your business. BurstCloud is built tailored to the user and for maximum performance. This translates into real value for you and your company. Learn more using some of the information below.

What is the Cloud?

BurstCloud The Cloud is the idea of limitless resources at the customer's disposal when it comes to remote hosting on the internet. This can mean a great deal of services or simple services are offered by cloud providers and it can be difficult to really grasp what Cloud is.

Essentially, the Cloud is a company offering on-demand use of their resources in a seamless manner without having to purchase hardware and span your infrastructure across them manually. Cloud companies achieve this mission by employing complex software to maximize hardware potential and overall performance around the world.

What is memory and data?

BurstCloud Memory is the location of the short-term data, meaning that the files will not be saved after a certain period of time or other occurrences such as losing power. Data is the capacity of the computer's hard disk. Think about it this way, the hard drive disk in your computer (your storage) is like having a USB drive except one is portable and the other is not.

BurstCloud makes the mission of keeping your data available our number one priority. Data is our job every day. This allows you to relax and rely on our expertise.

Our Cloud Can Help

Some of Our Features

File Manager
Keep your data organized!
BurstCloud provides a state-of-the-art file manager, to make data management easy.
All Your Files
Store any file type!
Stores music, photos, videos and documents.
Sharing tools for you.
Share your content with your friends, family, or the world!

  • We host every single one of your files!
  • A cloud you can upload all of your files to. You can store and stream all of your music and music files along with pictures.
  • Own a business? Your company storage can experience and even greater set of features!
  • You can access all of your files any time and share with family and friends without ever having to worry about losing data.
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The world is complex. We're here to help.

A Little Bit About Us

We have a great hard-working team of developers to create a safe place to store your files to the cloud.

Between all of our team members we have a combined 100 years of experience in the data hosting industry!

It matters, because without an experienced team your data is at the same risk as their competency level. Poor understanding of data hosting can lead to data loss and worse yet data breaches! When you sign up with BurstCloud we offer our entire team to your disposal, we are confident this is a service you will not find elsewhere!

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